Minggu, 27 Desember 2015


persiapan pemberangkatan
First, I don’t like the home stay, because tidak sebagus boy’s home stay, but lama kelamaan I so enjoy in here because there are so many friends in here from SD BERLIAN or from SD MUGEB. In here I am find new friends from SD BERLIAN. In the home stay I don’t like the fasilitas. Because so many friends tidak teringat tentang fasilitas. Next to the homestay there is a mini snack store and the opposite the home stay there is a mushola. 

We are always riding kereta kelinci for walking around.
In here the teacher it’s so fun and funny. In the homestay when we take a bath, we must antri. The teacher’s names are Miss Yeny, Miss Heny, Miss Intan and Miss Wiva. They are so beautiful, fun and funny.
 In my bedroom’s at homestay there are 5 people. We usually study outdoor and we usually studi in musholla. In here we are teach about sing a song, vocabulary, dll. When rainy the roof in my bedroom is bocor...
Farewell Party

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